2002 Missions


MISSION REPORT -- 02-01: Overdue Snow Campers, Santiam Pass
Member-Hours: 20; Miles: 565

On Saturday, 19 Jan 2002, two 34 year old men left Santiam Snow Park on snowshoes to do some snow camping about three miles north of Highway 20 along the Skyline trail. They were to have returned Monday afternoon. When they did not return, they were reported overdue. In the late afternoon or early evening of Monday, ODOT informed its crews of the possible existence of the subjects' car at Santiam Snow Park. By Monday afternoon, over three feet of snow had fallen.
By Tuesday morning, over 45 inches of snow had fallen in the search area (since the subjects left their car). Linn County had activated Camp Sherman Hasty Team and was activating Deschutes County as well as CMRU. Complicating our response, Highway 20 was under a Conditional Closure (Chains Required) and Highway 22 was closed due to numerous fallen trees.
Before the responding CMRU members could reach Santiam Pass, the pair made their way out to Highway 20. We were notified that the mission was terminated shortly after 1100.
Participants: Lacer, J. Linn, S. Linn, Morris, Ruef, Vertanen, Vitagliano

Written by Bob Freund

MISSION REPORT -- 02-02: Lost Snowboarder, Mt. Bachelor
Members-hours: 98; Miles: 2060

    See separate report and photographs.


MISSION REPORT -- 02-03: Lost Adults, Big Lake, Linn County
Members-hours: 2.

At about 1600 Saturday, August 3, a 48 year old male and his 33 year old wife left their campsite at the West End campground at Big Lake for a walk around the lake. Trails in the vicinity of Big Lake have been in serious need of trail maintenance for several years (e.g. clearing downed trees) and with the web of trails on the lake’s south side, it might be very easy to “lose” the trail but “find” another. When the couple did not return, their 16 year old son called for assistance – but not until about noon on Sunday. About 20 personnel searched through the remainder of Sunday. On Monday, about 60 searchers were involved – including aircraft. Benton county was asked to supply personnel for Tuesday, and CMRU was activated. The lost couple was spotted by helicopter late Monday about a mile from their campsite. We were cancelled on Monday evening.

Written by Bob Freund


MISSION REPORT 02-04: Missing Adult, Benton County
At mid-afternoon, Halloween, 31 October, the Sheriff’s office was notified of a missing 28 year old adult male who had been last seen at 9am the preceding day in the vicinity of Summit in western Benton County. We were activated by an All SAR pageout at 1455. Numerous local people were searching the area when CMRU and other Benton County SAR personnel arrived on scene.

The subject’s vehicle was located by family/friends who began searching earlier in the day. Attempting to organize the chaos proved a major task through most of the evening. At about 2000, the search was suspended for the evening and within a few minutes, the subject was reported to be located in the yard of his neighbor – eight miles from the point last seen. Participants: Clunes, Vitagliano, Dagata, Blackburn, Morris, Linn

Written by Bob Freund


MISSION REPORT 02-05: Missing Adult, Benton County
At about 0300 on Friday, November 22nd, we were activated via a pageout of All SAR personnel for Benton County for an 80 year old male. As volunteers were being activated and assembling at the Fred Meyer parking lot in Corvallis, the subject was located. Participants: Crawford, J. Linn, S. Linn, Sears

Written by Bob Freund