Rigging Home >> Knots, Bends, and Hitches >> Double Sheet Bend backed up with a split Double Fisherman's Knot

CMRU usually uses a double sheet bend backed up with a split double fisherman's knot whenever we tie two rope ends together. (The exception is when the knot is left tied, like in a prusik loop.) A fisherman's bend is more secure than a double sheet bend; however, when used alone it can be nearly impossible to untie after loading. By combining the two we get a connection that is both secure and easy to untie.

Two places where we use this configuration are:
1. To attach the two ends of the 10 m rope used in our load-distributing anchor system.
2. To attach two ropes whenever an especially long rope is needed, as for track lines in a highline system. In this case, the knots are taped to allow the kootenay carriage to pass over them freely.