Emergency Activation

For emergency activation of mountain rescue resources in the State of Oregon, dial 911.

Latest News

OMRC Joint Training September 23 and 24, 2017

The OMRC joint training for 2017 will be held on September 23rd and 24th. The Hood River Crag Rats have gaciously offered the use of their stunning Could Cap lodge as a training site. The training will be a number of different rescue skills work stations. The work station organizaton and management will be covered by Portland Mountain Rescue, with assistance from all of the other Oregon Region teams. Check the Schedule page for more details later in 2017.

2017 MRA Summer Meeting Scholarship Awards

The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) Summer Meeting Scholarship is provided through a generous donation from the MRA. The Scholarship is a grant of $1,250 to the Oregon Region, which is administered by the Oregon Mountain Rescue Council's (OMRC) Board. The purpose of the Scholarship is to foster members to become actively involved in the MRA at the regional and national level. The specific intent is to assist members to take the first step in that process and attend an MRA Summer conference to see firsthand what the MRA offers.

This year's Scholarship winners are Meredith Martin from Hood River Crag Rats, Benedikt Springer from Eugene Mountain Rescue, Sean Huber from Corvallis Mountain Rescue Unit, Ron Martin from Hood River Crag Rats and Ben Robertson from Portland Mountain Rescue.

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Re-Accreditation Dates For 2018

The Hood River Crag Rats will be tested in technical snow and ice rescue in the winter of 2018. Check the Schedule page for more details.

Portland Mountain Rescue will be tested in technical rock rescue and wilderness search in the spring of 2018. Check the Schedule page for more details.

Successful 2017 Re-Accreditation

Portland Mountain Rescue and Eugene Mountain Rescue both passed their technical snow and ice re-accreditation on March 18th, 2017.

Congratulations to both teams and a huge thank you to everyone that helped plan and run the re-accreditation.


The Oregon Mountain Rescue Council has been organized in order to establish closer coordination between Oregon mountain rescue groups, to provide centralized representation on mountain rescue matters within Oregon, and to promote mountain safety.

On December 14th, 1986, the first meeting of what would later be known as the Oregon Mountain Rescue Council (OMRC) took place. OMRC evolved out of the need for closer coordination between mountain rescue teams in Oregon. OMRC provides a centralized body for regional mountain rescue issues and enhances mountain safety education done at the local level.

The mountain rescue groups of OMRC provide a system to the county Sheriffs of Oregon that ensures well-trained and equipped personnel are available for mountain search and rescue. In 1990, Oregon State Sheriffs Association (OSSA) entrusted to OMRC the role of establishing and maintaining accreditation of mountain rescue teams. In 2016, the OMRC became an Associate Member of the OSSA's Search and Rescue Advisory Council, helping to further strengthen the role of the OMRC as a leader in mountain rescue issues.

The OMRC is the official representative to the Mountain Rescue Association for all mountain rescue teams in the Oregon Region. MRA regions are formed to benefit member teams. Typical purposes are to establish mutual aid procedures, to develop techniques and equipment suited to region needs, to maintain MRA standards within the region, and to deal with state agencies.