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CMRU Corvallis Mountain Rescue Unit.

OMRC Oregon Mount Rescue Council. An organization comprised of mountain rescue units throughout Oregon. CMRU is a member.

MRA Mountain Rescue Association. An international association of mountain rescue units. CMRU is a member. Other units are: Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR), Eugene Mountain Rescue (EMR), Deschutes County Mountain Rescue Unit, and the Crag Rats (out of Hood River).

LEB/LEC Law Enforcement Building/Center. A building at 5th and Jackson Streets in Corvallis that also houses the Corvallis Police Department and the Benton County Sheriff's Office.
Room/Building on Avery Drive, off of SW 3rd, part of Benton County Public Works. This is where most of our evening meetings and training sessions are held.
SAR Search and Rescue. CMRU is one of several SAR units in Benton County.
SAR CERT. A certification obtained from the State of Oregon through a Sheriff's Department after receiving certain training and taking an examination. CMRU requires its field members to be SAR certified.
KEVIN Kevin Higgins. Benton County Emergency Services Coordinator, the liaison for all local SAR units with the Benton County Sheriff's Department. Known as "410" on the radio.
CRCC Corvallis Regional Communications Center, otherwise known as "dispatch." This group provides 911 answering services for all Benton County fire and police units, and they do weekly tests of our unit notification system Wednesday evenings at 1900 hrs.
A FRIEND A device used in rock climbing. Also, a type of person you might find in CMRU.
TRAINEE The entry level of membership in CMRU for people who have had no previous mountain rescue training with an MRA team. CMRU has two trainee levels: Trainee-LD, meaning limited deployable and Trainee-FD, for fully deployable.
SUPPORT Second level of membership in CMRU. We encourage every Trainee to attain this level as rapidly as possible. It requires SAR Certification, advance medical training, plus demonstration of basic rescue and mountaineering skills.
RESCUE Third level of membership in CMRU. Above Support level, Rescue level requires advanced training and testing. Rescue members are generally the leaders of a mission.
MISSION When we go, find and rescue someone.
When we simulate a part of going to find and rescue someone.
TRAINING An on-going process in which all members participate, designed to increase and enhance individual and team skill levels.
DUES Annual dues are currently $15 payable on the first of November.
WELCOME What we heartily extend to people such as yourself.