Evacuation from Jefferson Park

by Bob Freund

Mission Report 94-08
Member Hours: 68 Miles: 310

Saturday afternoon, August 27, 1994, 37 year old Kristi Rumely of Molalla, slipped and fell while camping in the vicinity of Bays Lake in Jefferson Park. She sustained a possible fracture/dislocation of the left elbow, and was in extreme pain. Her companion hiked out on Sunday morning, August 28, to report the incident at the Detroit Ranger Station. A USFS fire crew made first contact with Kristi and began a litter evacuation.
CMRU was contacted about 0920 with a request from Marion county to supply our truck, wheeled carrier, and about four personnel. A pageout was conducted at 0935 with a rendezvous at the truck at 1030. The truck was in a service bay at the County Shop and needed minor work before it could be released to us. It was underway at 1100 and arrived at Whitewater Trailhead base camp about 1300.
A CMRU team of four departed base camp with the litter, wheel, and lightweight evacuation equipment. They met the evacuation party just beyond the first bridge and the patient was transferred to the wheeled litter. The evacuation proved to be very slow as the patient was quite intolerant of any bouncing. The patient arrived at the trailhead about 2030 and was transported by ambulance.
CMRU personnel departed base camp shortly after 2100 and arrived in Corvallis around midnight.

Participants: Jeremy Adolf, Dan DeBrito, Jeff Gent, Mardi Keltner, Susan Leach, Jim Ruef

Photo by Jeff Gent