Highline Offsets

July 2008, Jim D.

It was a beautiful day to 'play' outside. MacDonald Forest was an exceIllent host, providing a scenic area to practice highline offsets.

Rescue Randy ready to be transported from the low side.

The high end of the highline.

Reviewing the lowering system on the low side.

Todd enjoying the process, while Drew checks the ropes.

Randy heads across the water hazard, pausing for a reset by Team 2 on the high side.

Team 1 at work, lowering.

Slowly but surely, Randy makes it across. A 5:1 system on top made for frequent resets.

The tag line hangers proved helpful and next time they will be on both sides of the litter.

Bob and Todd (orange background), haul Randy back across the pond.

And trudge back during the reset.

Nate doesn't need to stretch much for the final reset.

A little relaxing as gear is checked back in following the training.

Jim (back to us) leads a review when Team 2 gets back to base. Participants: Melissa, Todd, Drew, Bob, Kalin, Jonathan, Nate, Aaron, Jerry and Scott. Jason and Jon E. left earlier.