2007 Mission Highlights

07-01: Sunday, February 18, 2215
CMRU received a request for assistance on Mt. Hood from Clackamas County. Three climbers had fallen in the White River Canyon. The conditions included high winds and white out conditions. At the top of the Palmer Chair, CMRU members dug a large snow cave to wait as back-up to Portland Mountain Rescue. At approximate 1445 Monday, February 19, CMRU's intown coordinator was notified that our team was safe at Timberline Lodge. The lost climbers were rescued successfully.
      photo by Todd

Ollalie Creek photo by Lindsay
07-06: Thursday, July 19, 0950
CMRU was activated to assist with a search for a missiong 20 year old female. She was reported to have gone for a hike from Olallie Resort to the PCT, then south to Breitenbush Lake. She was last seen on the afternoon of 17th. We were requested to stage at base camp at 0900 on July 20.

On Thursday, around 1500, CMRU heard that the mission was successful with the subject found. KGW television from Portland, interviewed the subject and reported that she built a shelter and a fire each night she was missing.

07-08: Thursday, September 13, 1345
Benton County put CMRU on standby for a possible ELT search. At 1415 we were activated for a report of a downed aircraft in the Lobster Valley area. The terrain was reported to be steep and difficult.

A Piper aircraft (2 seater small prop aircraft) took off Wednesday from Brookings with a pilot (instructor) and student. Their plan was to overfly a family of homes W of Alsea and then return to Brookings. The family saw the aircraft fly over the area but never heard from them afterwards. Later last night families started to get worried when they hadn't heard from their 23yo son (the student pilot).

At 1630 it was reported that the aircraft had been located. CMRU team members stayed on location over night to assist with the investigation and recovery of the subjects.

07-11: Tuesday, November 6, 1530
Lane County requested assistance with search for Daming Xu, University of Oregon professor, near the Cougar Reservoir. Subject had been missing since Sunday. Lane Co.'s request was for 0800 Wednesday. There was a follow-up request for assistance for Wednesday night and Thursday morning. All of Benton County's SAR teams were involved in the search: Marys Peak SAR, Benton County Posse, Benton County Trackers.

On November 8, our main mission was to do take a run up to near the Pot holes (north of CP) then be flown down to Bear Flats and do what grid searching we could. On the return two team members split off and took the trail going around Ollalie Mtn.

On November 9, CMRU's involvement with the mission was suspended pending additional request for resources by Lane County. On November 11th it was reported that the search would continue into Monday and then be scaled back. Unfortunately, there was little trace of the subject.

      Photo by Lindsay