Mission 05-04
Fallen Friend, Three Fingered Jack

by Bob Freund

Kate during unit climb of Mt. Washington

At approximately 1530 on Saturday, July, 23rd, Iain, Desiree, and Kate were just leaving the area of The Crawl on Three-Fingered Jack after a successful summit when Kate lost her footing and tumbled down the west side of the mountain. Iain immediately called 911 to report the accident and then called Joy Linn (CMRU Intown Coordinator) with the terrible news. He then directed another climbing group to descend and look for Kate.

The Air Life helicopter from Bend lifted four members of Camp Sherman Hasty Team from an improvised helispot in the Hoodoo parking lot to the meadows west of the mountain in three lifts; but it was evident after the first pass that Kate had not survived the fall.

Joy put the Unit on Stand-by at 1603 and later received permission from Linn County to respond. Bob Freund and Nick Pope (PMR) were both in the area and hiked in toward the mountain to meet Desiree and Iain as they made their way back to their vehicles. As Unit members arrived at the PCT trailhead, it appeared Linn County did not require/desire our assistance so members hiked in a short distance to meet Iain and Desiree as they came out to offer what support they could. They arrived at the trailhead at dusk. Kate was put into a SKED by Camp Sherman Hasty Team members and lowered about 1300 feet down the west scree field to the PCT. From there, she was taken by horse to the trailhead.

Three Fingered Jack

  Memorial to Kate Tinnesand.  

Photos courtesy of Chris Davis and Lindsay Clunes