Rock Practice - May 15-16, 2004

by Joy Linn

The technical write up is still under development. In the meantime, here is a breakdown of the morning scenario.

It was a beautiful morning, at a beautiful location.

The morning began with a woman running into our camp to report she was hiking along the edge of the basalt cliff and found a climbing rope that was under tension. When she called down, she got no response.

A few members of the team followed her to where the rope was located. Despite repeated attempts, no response was heard from down below. The wind and the noise of the river may have played a role.

Deschutes River

Jason W. and assistant set up a bomb proof anchor
As some gathered gear, others went to start setting up a raising and lowering system.

And, Matt went down to see what was going on. He found Don, hanging on the rope with a severely injured leg. Matt reassured Don we were going to help him, and came back up.

Preparations continued, anchors were set to prepare for raising the subject: rappelling to guide litter, lowering to the subject, lowering the litter, and placing the subject in the litter.

As Don waits, unit members are ever busy.

Scott prepares to rappel down to receive the litter.
Next comes the raising - the tricky part. Well, the raise itself isn't the tricky part, getting the litter up and over the edge is.

Photos by Joy Linn