Rock Practice - May 15-16, 2004
Preparations for Raising Subject

by Joy Linn

With gear laid out, Jeremy begins setting anchors with chocks, camming devices, and other pro.

Scott and Jim D. discuss forces and direction of pull.

With anchors set, Jim D., Scott and Jeremy discuss the next step. Lindsay monitors the edge, and Jason K. observes the process.

Matt prepares to descend to the subject.

Scott approaches the bottom, reassuring Don as he passes close by.

Matt is ready to go over the edge

As Matt approaches Don, Scott watches while keeping an eye out for the litter.

The litter gets safely guided down, to be maneuvered close to the subject.

Up top, Jeremy (red helmet) and Jason W. review gear, while Iain, team leader (blue coat), reviews the raising and lowering system.

Matt lowers Don to the ground as Scott stops moving the litter closer to act as a relay on the radio to control Matt and Don's descent.

Matt and Scott align the litter with Don to facilitate transfering him into the litter.

Don is successfully strapped into the litter.

Up on top, Jason W., Nate and Aaron keep an eye on progress down below

Matt and Don start being hauled up the cliff.

Photos by Joy Linn