Missing Aircraft
Benton County

by Bob Freund

Susan and Mike holding down the fort

Mission Report 00-07
Member Hours: 170

A two place, Cessna aircraft was overdue on a flight from Eugene to Independence when it failed to arrive by 2100 on Sunday, 5 November 2000. A page was sent on ALL SAR at 0620 Monday 6 November. An activating page was sent to CMRU members at 0625. Eight members responded for the mission.
No ELT signal was being received in the primary search area -- north of Vineyard Mountain. Benton County SAR assets (including CMRU members) checked roads in the area. By about 1230, all roads had been covered and an off-road ground search was begun. Further investigation uncovered property owners who reported hearing a "crash" Sunday night -- and provided a direction of the noise. At approximately 1500, a National Guard helicopter located the wreckage. Lindsay and Kathy were nearby and were the first ground personnel to arrive on scene. Both occupants of the aircraft were deceased.
Kathy working ELT receiver

Kathy looking for any ELT transmissions
CMRU personnel and equipment assisted with the recovery.

Participants: Blackburn, Clunes, Gent, Leach, Joy Linn, Morris, Walters, Wood

Plane hit the ridge in upper left

Wreckage area from above

Photos by Lindsay Clunes